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Babies playing in speech therapy to learn first words

Speech, Language, Myofunctional, & Feeding Therapy

Helping people of all ages speak, eat, sleep, & feel better.

Welcome to Ripple Speech Services!


Our mission is to holistically address communication and feeding challenges while improving your family's quality of life. We create safe spaces for our clients to explore new skills, and we coach caregivers to become their child's most important teachers. Our goals are your goals!

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We specialize in treating the underlying causes of speech, myofunctional, and feeding disorders. 

Speech & Language Therapy

We invest time into learning how our clients express themselves and interact with others so that we can build on their strengths. Whether your child needs help forming speech sounds, understanding the meaning of words, or combining words into complex sentences, we can help them grow into confident communicators. Our speech and language therapy sessions are full of fun activities that feel like play! 

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

We evaluate and treat disorders related to the mouth and face muscles used in speech, swallowing, breathing, and feeding. Through collaboration with other healthcare professionals, we identify and treat the root of the problem to improve our clients' quality of life. We also offer pre- and post-operative care for tongue and lip tie revisions as well as support for reducing oral habits like thumb sucking.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

We take a responsive approach to treating swallowing and feeding disorders. By listening to your child's cues and teaching family members to do the same, we can help reduce stress and restore the joy of mealtimes. Plus, we offer lactation support to new moms struggling with breast or bottle feeding. Let's work together to make sure that your child is getting the nutrition they need to grow!

Child with down syndrome smiling and receiving a hug from his dad

Meet Marissa

Marissa Joy, M.S., CCC-SLP speech therapist, myofunctional therapist, feeding therapist, lactation support in Mertztown, PA

Marissa Joy, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

I am a speech therapist with over 10 years of experience working with individuals of all ages. My goal is to create an upbeat and entertaining environment for my clients to learn and grow! I believe that the key to success in therapy is to keep it fun and involve caregivers, so I use games, toys, and engaging props to help families enjoy every minute of the process. Together, we can take small steps that cause a positive ripple effect in your journey!

TOTs Trained - Myo Method Trained - Talk Tools Trained - Member of the Myo Membership - Pediatric Feeding Mentorship Group - CAN-EAT Trained - Advanced Lactation Courses - CLC Certification Pending

Here's How it Works

It's easy to get started. No waitlists, no referrals, and no traveling required.


Contact us for a free phone consultation session, or schedule an initial evaluation. You may use our contact page below or directly email Marissa at


During our first session, we will spend time getting to know you and/or your child. The initial evaluation will allow us to identify communication and feeding strengths, preferences, and challenges.


Begin individualized therapy sessions! Sessions typically take place 1-2 times per week for 30-45 minutes. Regular data will be taken to track progress and ensure growth.

gettng started
Toddler eating off a spoon in feeding therapy at home in Pennsylvania PA
We are located on Main Street

in Emmaus, Pennsylvania! 

Our office is located at 184 Main Street, Rear, in Emmaus. Services take place in office. Therapy may be provided in home for a potential travel fee. Please reach out with questions!

Serving families in Eastern Pennsylvania, throughout Berks and Lehigh counties.

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